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The VTU wants to give all VTCs the opportunity to represent themselves in a combined body, opportune VTCs to run the union as a democracy, so we complete the objectives of majority votes and, be a catalyst for allowing VTCs to work together.

How we achieve them

  • Truck Watch - An online system where member VTCs can report/log players for the use of our other VTCs

  • Truckers Events(link to events page) - An online system where member VTCs can advertise events, these can act as “approved by the VTU” so TMP players can come to us for trusted events.

  • Give each member VTC their own web-page of which they can use as their own website/advertising purposes - representing our VTCs.

  • Provide VTU convoys of which are hosted by a different member VTC each time.

  • Provide support for charity events.

  • Use the Truckers Republic to allow our member VTCs to have a say on what the union sets out to do.

The VTU has two main operational areas, the Truckers Republic and the union staff that get the VTU operating according to the republic’s wishes.